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We offer Website Design Services, and we mainly work with small and mid-size businesses who are looking for quality web design services, have a limited budget, and can comfortably work within our own preformatted layout code.

We use a structured website development approach similar to what you see here. Customers select their color scheme via html color pickers and select menu titles and the number of pages at the beginning of the project. We can integrate logos from many Digital Logo Design companies. Typical sites are 8 to 15 webpages.

We have customers write their own copy in MS Word and we will position it into webpages as the responsive design progresses and is built out over the duration of the project. If the client doesn’t want to write their own copy, there are many companies on the web that provide those services. Once the client’s copy is finished, we can add it to the site.

We can help you select and purchase a domain name if you don’t have one and provide a test website URL while the site is being developed. This allows us to give each customer real time updates of progress as well as it serves up an interactive approach to make final tweaks, corrections, and changes. If you want the SSL secure padlock icon on your site and are willing to pay the annual fee for that each year, we can assist the client with that process and then once we get the certificates, set it up on with the website.

We offer hosting services for the new website at competative rates or we can provide the final content to the client to use with a different hosting provider. Once the site is up and running it is very easy to make content changes so the website is not locked into content for long periods. We can also make the site more responsive to new types and sizes of devices as time progresses.

Prospective clients can call us and discuss their project. We look forward to working with each new client for their custom website project.®


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