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  • Software Upgrades

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    If you want to upgrade your Microsoft Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, you can get it from or the download site:

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    Our Internet Highlights

    Amazon Books
    Bloomberg Financial
    Standard and Poors Financial News
    Real Networks Audio & Video
    The Seinfeld Site
    The Official K56flex Site
    MSNBC Internet Network
    CBS Network
    ABC Television
    PBS- Life on the Internet Series
    New York Stock Exchange
    Nasdaq Exchange
    Quicken Financial Network
    Networth by Galt Mutual Fund Info
    Disney's Home Page
    World Wide Music
    Audio Net's Jukebox (Featuring Real Audio)
    Music Premier(CD Previews with Real Audio)
    Welcome to Paris
    Edgar Online (SEC Financial Data)
    Boat US
    The BBC
    A Diamond is Forever
    Putnam Berkley Books


    The NFL Official Site
    The NBA Official Site
    The Superbowl Offical Site
    The Golf Web
    The Sports Server
    Racer Archive
    Travel Base's Information on U.S. Skiing
    Travel Base's, U.S. Scuba, Tennis and Travel
    The Tennis Server
    WWW Sports Server
    The Olympics
    Official World Cup 98
    World Cup Online Store
    Yahoo World Cup Links

    Online Newspapers
    and Information Services

    USA Today
    CNET News
    CNN News
    New York Times
    San Jose Mercury Center
    The Wall Street Journal Update
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Las Vegas Sun
    The Detroit News
    Houston Chronicle Interactive
    New York Times FAX
    Dow Jones Business Information Services
    Trinity College Multimedia Magazine
    The Irish Times
    The Virginian-Pilot
    American Cybercasting Corporation

    Online Shopping

    Custom Made Blue Jeans by ic3d
    Apparel.Net (hundreds of listings)
    Shopping 2000 Online Mall, 60 Stores)
    Virtual Rare Book Shop
    Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog
    QVC Home Shopping Network
    Service Merchandise Online Catalog
    Sotheby's Auction House
    The Edge Shop Directory
    The Cyber Shop
    The Spiegel Catalog
    The L.L Bean Catalog
    The Land's End Catalog w/ MC/VISA
    The Sharper Image
    Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog
    FAO Schwarz Toy Store
    Nature's Blooms, Flowers onLine


    The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum
    Ticket Master Online
    Mr. Showbiz
    Nationwide MovieLink
    The Offical Rolling Stones Site, Movie Reviews
    Internet Movies Database
    PlayBill On-Line, Broadway Listings
    New York City Opera
    IUMA, The Net's Free Hi-fi
    Lollapalooza '95
    Entertainment(Links from Yahoo)
    Major Networks and TV Shows

    NBC Online
    Fox Broadcasting
    CBS Eye on the Net
    ABC Television
    The BBC
    PBS Online
    The Tonight Show

    Major Studios and Hollywood
    Paramount Pictures
    Hollywood Online
    Sony Corporation

    Music and Real Audio

    Real Audio
    World Wide Music

    Audio Net
    Music Premier

    (Listen to 100's of CD Previews with real audio)

    Virgin Records/Interactive (UC)
    PolyGram Records
    Atlantic Records
    BMI Repertoire

    Interative INTERNET Software

    CU-Seeme Interactive Video over the Internet
    IRC Web Chat over the Internet
    Net Phone (Conversations over the Internet)


    Conde Nast Traveler & Epicurious Food
    Balducci's OnLine Catalog for the Gourmet
    Godiva Chocolatier
    Coca Cola
    Molson Beer
    Bass Ale
    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    Ragu and Mama Cucina

    Great places to spend a lot of time

    Space Telescope Electronic Info
    Amazon Books - Over 1 million titles
    The Complete Works of Shakespeare
    Barlett's Familar Quotations and other works
    On-Line Libraries with Web Servers
    The Smithsonian
    Excellent Internet Museums
    The WebMuseum Network
    Send Postcards - MIT Media Lab
    MIT Media Lab
    Cannes Film Festival
    HollyNet (Hollywood on the Net)
    The Short History of the Web

    Family-Kids Internet Software & Places

    Internet Schoolhouse
    Kid's Web
    Crayola Crayons
    The North Pole-Santa's Home
    Britannica OnLine
    Grolier Online
    Surfwatch Software Home Page

    Boat Sites

    Bayliner Boats
    Boat US

    Auto Sites

    General Motors (with Shockwave)
    Lexus America
    BMW Cars of North America
    Saturn Autos
    Ferrari US
    Ferrari Italy
    65th International Auto Show of Geneva
    Dealer Net (source for auto info)
    Texaco & with racing links
    Shell Oil
    Valvoline Racing Oil ( it has racing links )

    Places to go if you don't have the time

    Earth Viewer (realtime view of the planet)
    National Weather Service
    Views of the Solar System
    Virtual Tourist World Map

    Out of This World Places

    Star Trek Home Page
    Sci-Fi Resource
    UFO Directory

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