Request for News Access Form offers a Usenet News Feed to its customers at no charge. This news feed can be accessed through both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer as well as other non-commercial programs. We offer an expanding Usenet News Feed. Our news feed is password protected to prevent minors from viewing potentially objectionable content as well as the technology allows. For this reason, we ask that our customers submit a News Access Request Form prior to receiving access. When you fill in the information below, you will be presented with a document to send. Included in the document is's Disclaimer of Responsibility. This document is a legally binding contract. Please read it carefully.

A *very* brief overview of the Usenet:

The Usenet Newsgroups are like a gigantic bulletin board of information. The groups are organized into hierarchies - prefixes - such as sci for science groups, comp for computer groups, ne for New England groups and so on. Most of these hierarchies are regulated by a committee that oversees the groups to determine whether new groups should be created or not. You may see discussions about new group creation in existing groups. The alt (alternative) groups are not regulated in the same way, and this is subsequently where groups containing potentially objectionable material are frequently located (since it is easier to create them). Thousands and thousands of posts (1 gigabyte +) cross the Usenet daily, and groups frequently have their own feel to them. If you are interested in a group, it is best to "eavesdrop" a few days before actually posting, so that you can become familiar with the tone of the group. Similarly, many Usenet users frown upon unsolicited commercial posts (referred to as spamming). Many users must pay for access to the Usenet, so they don't want to pay for junk posts. If you are interested in learning more about the Usenet, there are a lot of information sources. Just let us know and we'll point you in the right direction!

To test post: has created local groups (groups that are not broadcast over the Usenet) under the heading "imagine.*" There is an "imagine.test" group for local test posting, and a Usenet group called "misc.test." Please do not send test posts to any groups other than the specified test groups. Any post you send will be sent to millions and millions of computers, and you will likely be notified via e-mails from many people about mis-posting in the Usenet. When you do post, bear in mind it may take some time for your post to travel accross the Internet and be visible in a group.

If you have any other questions about posting to or accessing the Newsserver, please feel free to contact us via phone, our database, or e-mail.

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