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Web Servers, Firewalls, Mail Servers,
and Network Design Information provides web servers for general business and graphics arts corporations. We offer on-site servers (with dedicated access) and co-location servers (co-location means that your Web Server resides on our site). We also offer Internet E-Mail servers, experienced network design, and network security firewalls on UNIX systems. We can also provide web page design, web page database design, server maintenance, additional E-Mail accounts on our servers, and remote web and E-mail servers at multiple corporate sites.

Internet Web Servers with Dedicated Internet Access

For clients that want web servers on their site and high speed Internet access, we offer SUN Internet Servers , Compaq or Hewlett Packard with Microsoft Windows Internet Serversand Macintosh Internet Servers. Our Internet Access uses our Value Added Internet Communication Network, Imagine.Net. Your corporation or educational institution can have a 64 to T-1 Frame Relay connection to the Internet.

Internet Firewalls on UNIX Systems

We offer Internet Firewalls on Sun Netra UNIX Systems for secure Internet access and secure Internet transactions. These Firewalls act as a barrier to protect internal data resources or database information that may reside on an internal corporate network that has a been connected to the Internet. A must for any corporation or educational institution.

Network Design, and Systems Architecture personal have designed complex networks for major US and International Corporations. We have experience designing complex networks where the investment was over $500,000. We have provided such systems to Fortune 500 corporations since 1990. As systems architects, we can provide a long term plan for effective rollout of Internet Access and Internet Security for your corporation or educational institution.'s Web Hosting or Co-Location

For clients that want to have a server on our premises in our Kingston, NY Location, we offer two levels of services on our site. Both levels include 24 hour High Speed Fiber Internet access.

Level One Gold Co-Location: The Level One Gold Service, which is ideal for a server being managed remotely by a consultant or an advertising agency, is called Basic Co-Location. For a Fee of $300 a month, your server resides on our premise with it's own domain name, and is operational 24 hours a day on a T-1 Circuit with multiple High Speed DNS Servers. Included is 24 Hour PPP access or 24 hour Appletalk Remote Access to your server for server administration.

Level Two Platinum Co-Location: The Level Two Platinum Service is ideal for a company who wants their own Web Server and Internet E-mail Server. For $400.00 a month, a client can have their server reside on our premise, and can have all the benefits of the Gold Service plus the added benefit of a centralized internet email server for the company's remote offices and salespeople, etc.

We support remote administration of servers with PPP access for PC/MACs and UNIX Systems using ftp or telnet.
Our Pricing

A sales representative will call you and set up a meeting.'s policy is to deliver customized web server solutions and business access pricing information to potential customers via our sales force and sales agents. We do not make it publically available electronically.'s products, services and private communication network deliver high value and full feature sets to solve a wide range of our client's internetworking requirements. Overall pricing can vary considerably based on appropriate design and configuration for a particular client's situation. Our sales force and sales agents are dedicated to helping clients determine the optimal solution for their situation, and these representatives are also in the best position to deliver relevant pricing information to their clients.

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