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INTERNET ACCESS, SERVICES AND SUPPORT no longer provides Internet access through digital ISDN lines.

If you are unfamiliar with ISDN connections and the advantages of this new technology, we reccommend you visit the Microsoft ISDN page which can provide you with some basic background information

Another good resource for Macintosh users is the Macintosh ISDN FAQ.

Regular dialup ISDN PPP Access:

64k Regular ISDN Access: (Unlimited, but you can't leave it on all the time)

Initial Setup Fee: $50
Monthly Fee: $25
128k Regular ISDN Access:
Initial Setup Fee: $150
Monthly Fee: $50

These easy to use dialup connections with ISDN will run anywhere from 2 to 5 times the speed of regular modem internet services. In addition to these prices, you may also have to pay the local telco a monthly ISDN phone bill which may or may not be usage sensitive.

Dedicated dialup ISDN PPP Access:
[This service is available in Connecticut, and is not available nationally.]

Initial Setup Fee: $250
Monthly Fee: $200
This gives you unlimited dedicated digital 64,000 (64k) access each month. This includes one email address and access to our network, news etc. You can leave your computer on and it will stay connected to our network thus allowing a remote web server at 64k. You are responsible for your SNET monthly ISDN charges and purchasing the ISDN modem.

In addition to the charges outlined above, every customer has to pay the monthly Telco phone charges.

As part of our total billing plan for each of the above access methods, we offer 1 E-Mail account and full access to our servers including news. Additional E-Mail accounts are available for $5.00 per month. It is possible to have multiple accounts in a given business. We bill prepaid monthly to your Mastercard or Visa account.

If you would like to establish a domain name, there is the one time Internic domain set-up fee of $200.00.

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