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Imagine.Com offers a wide variety of access solutions for businesses. For clients that want web servers, ftp servers and/or e-mail servers on their site and high speed client internet access, we offer dedicated corporate internet access via our Nationwide Value Added Internet Communication Network, Imagine.Net. Access can be located anywhere in the United States.

Dialup Internet Access for Business
Prepaid $19.95 per month This gives you unlimited dial-up access each month. We charge a one-time sign up fee of $25.00 to set you up on our system, with billing prepaid monthly to your Mastercard or Visa account. We include an email account and access to usenet news.
Standard Billing: Prepaid by CC/Personal Check
One time Setup: $25.00 (waived this month!)
$19.95 per month
Discount Billing: Prepaid by CC/Personal Check for 6, 12 and 24 Months:
One time Setup: $25.00 (waived this month!)
6 Months for $113.70 or $18.95/month
12 Months for $215.40 or $17.95/month
Dialup Internet Access for Business with web pages
Prepaid $45.00 per month Our plan for business website hosting is $45.00 monthly. More information on our business web page hosting is located on the: Business Webpage Information Page.
Standard Billing: Prepaid by CC/Business Check
One time Setup: $50.00 (waived this month!)
$45.00 per month
Discount Billing: Prepaid by CC/Business Check for 12 and 24 Months:
One time Setup: $50.00 (waived this month!)
12 Months for $486.00 or $40.50/month
24 Months for $918.00 or $38.25/month

Additional Internet Email Accounts for Business
Prepaid $5.00 per month/$40.00 per month for 10.

Additional email accounts are available for $5.00 per month. It is possible to have multiple accounts in a given business. We also offer a 10 pack of email accounts for $40.00 a month. If you have a domain name (see below), these email accounts can be in the format of Multiple Dialup Internet Access Accounts for Business with web pages
Prepaid $45.00 per month/$20.00 for additional accounts.
Prepaid $45.00 per month for the first account and web space ie: $19.95 per month for additional dialup accounts anywhere in the country. This combination allows employees to have separate accounts which can include email addresses at This does require a one time domain name registration and setup fee. This is great for salespeople on the road. Business Web Hosting or Co-Location servers
Prepaid $300 to $400 per month.
A popular plan for a larger business Web Site or Web Site Designer is our Web Server Hosting or Co-location Service. This involves leaving your web server computer on our site on our high speed connections for $300.00 to $400.00 a month. For details see our Web Hosting Co-location page.
Routers and Firewalls
Internet Network Hardware
Imagine.Com provides routers and Internet firewalls. These are available for purchase or lease. Our routers and firewalls are by Cisco. Our firewall products are detailed on the Firewall Information Page. Registering your own Domain Name
Prepaid $200.00 One Time Fee.
We will register your domain for the one time fee of $200.00. This includes the Internic fee ($70.00 for two years). If you host your web pages with us, your URL will be The Web Page accounts include one email address with a virtual email server with the name If you don't register your domain, your URL will be where the "name" is your choice and your email will be
Transfering your own Domain Name from another ISP
Prepaid $50.00 One Time Fee.
We will transfer your domain from another ISP for a one time fee of $50.00. Your domain will then work with the $45.00 per month Business Web Page account. Dedicated Internet Access
Prepaid $350 to $1,800 per month.
We offer the less expensive 64kb connections as well as Frame-Relay connections up to T-1 speeds.We also offer Dedicated dialup connections and ISDN connections. For Graphic Arts organizations and Corporate Creative Services departments please see our Value Added PrePress.Net Internet Communication Network page.

Advertising and Your Dedicated Connection's dedicated connection prices are based on a purchased throughput ranging from 64Kbps per sec to a full T-1 at 1544Kbps per sec. Think of the actual dedicated connection and web server like a global billboard with lots of information and detail about your company and products. The monthly price for the dedicated connection is then correctly viewed like an advertising expenditure. Instead of an advertisement in a newspaper or trade magazine or an actual billboard, the monthly dedicated connection is the cost of getting your message out, a bargain by comparison to any other media. We provide dedicated access to our business customers through a Multipoint Frame Relay/ATM WAN Network.

If you want to have a successful web site, it is recommended that the site be fast enough to support multiple users accessing your pages quickly. If it is a large site for a major corporation, there may be a moment when 100 users at a time are on it. The ability for the average user to move quickly from page to page without a long waiting time between page drawing is important. The typical user is impatient and will move off to another site if the server or the connection is not fast enough. Having a slow site is counter productive to having an effective web site.

About Our Service
We connect to multiple Internet Backbones through Leased Line, Frame Relay and ATM Networks. We maintain all of our own Sun Ultra UNIX Servers in our Network Operations Center (NOC). We utilize Cisco Core routers and our NOC is fully protected with Liebert UPS Power Backup systems. Our service is fully Netscape 2.0+, 3.0+, 4.0+ etc. and Microsoft Explorer 3.0+, 4.0+ compatible.

If you would like to be contacted by one of our sales representatives,email us at We look forward to providing Internet access to you.

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