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Business/Educational Web Page Hosting offers a wide variety of access solutions for businesses. For clients that want to use our web servers, ftp servers and/or e-mail servers on our site and high speed Web Page internet access, we offer corporate Web Page hosting via our Value Added Internet Communication Network, Web Pages are hosted our High Speed Network. Client Businesses can be from anywhere in the world.

Business Web Pages on our Servers:
One of our most popular plans for getting businesses on the Internet is our Business Web Page Package which has an initial startup fee of $50.00 and a monthly fee of $45.00.

The basic business plan includes:
Hosting a Web Site on our servers on our High Speed Internet Access Connection.
100 Megabytes of storage for Web Page html documents, with direct FTP access.
One email server under you domain to send and receive mail with 10 email accounts.
Help with configuration via phone tech support.
Additionally if you register your domain name:
Your own domain name will be pointed at your web page, ie:
Your email account will be under your domain name, ie:
Registering your own Domain Name:
If you register your domain for the one time fee of $200.00 (This includes the Internic fee, your URL will be This includes one email address with a virtual email server with the name If you don't register it your URL will be where the "name" is your choice and your email will be

Transfering your Domain Name from another ISP:
If you would like to tranfer your domain name to our service, we charge a $50.00 fee to set up your domain in our systems and point it at our Business Web Servers in addition to the Web Page set up fee.

Additional Disk Space and Email Accounts for your Business Web Page Account:
If you would like to host more then 100 Meg of information, we charge an additional $10 per 10 Meg. If you want additional email accounts, they are $5.00 per account. As an example if you want to add 20 more meg to your account so you have 40 meg total, and another two email accounts with the same business domain, your monthly charge will be $45(Basic Business Fee)+$20($10x2 for 20 Meg)+ $10 ($5x2 more email accounts (3 total)) or a total monthly fee of $75.00.

Advertising and Your Business Web Page:'s Web Page Hosting is based on a purchased throughput of 1544Kbps per sec. Think of the actual dedicated connection and web server like a global billboard with lots of information and detail about your company and products. The monthly price for the dedicated connection is then correctly viewed like an advertising expenditure. Instead of an advertisement in a newspaper or trade magazine or an actual billboard, the monthly dedicated connection is the cost of getting your message out, a bargain by comparison to any other media.

If you want to have a successful web site, it is recommended that the site be fast enough to support multiple users accessing your pages quickly. If it is a large site for a major corporation, there may be a moment when 100 users at a time are on it. The ability for the average user to move quickly from page to page without a long waiting time between page drawing is important. The typical user is impatient and will move off to another site if the server or the connection is not fast enough. Having a slow site is counter productive to having an effective web site.

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