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When your business requires a high bandwidth Internet connection,'s Frame Relay Fractional T1 and T1 service is the best solution. We charge a one time startup fee and then ongoing monthly fees. We offer one, two and three year contacts. Details are listed below.

Dedicated Internet Access
Imagine.Com - Imagine.Net Internet Access
with support and management of the Internet access
with Multi-Homed Dual Redundent Backbone Connections
with Remote SNMP Network Management
  • includes a 24 hour connection, 7 days a week
  • Direct Internet Access
  • Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) to the Internet
  • As needed block of TCP-IP addresses for your computers
  • 64 Bit UltraSparc Domain Name Servers:Primary, Secondary DNS with the lastest version
  • Security, Email Routing support
  • Fast Routing and routing convergence, multicast and timeserver support
  • all with the Monthly Connection Fee
  • Local Loop charges are additional (listed below), Firewalls additional
  • A partial month will be billed based on install date
  • Secure HTML Web Based Realtime and Historical Router Traffic Graphs which allows clients to track bandwidth and network utilization. They are also very helpful in planning for upgrades to faster T-1 Internet network speed or determining when peak utilization occurs.


    Customer Router Traffic Analysis Example

    Our internet access network for customers is provided over a dedicated Frame Relay Network. We provide dedicated access to our business customers through this WAN Network. In supporting this network, we maintain all of our own Sun UltraSparc, and other UNIX DNS Servers in our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Kingston, NY. We utilize Cisco routers and switches, Cisco router SNMP manangement-remote diagnostic software and our NOC is fully protected with Liebert UPS Power Backup systems. We utilize Macintosh computers for graphics, Compaq computers for administration, and Apache, SUN and Webstar Web servers. For advanced customers (larger ISPs and major corporations), we offer BGP4 routing tables. allows you to easily upgrade from lower frame-relay speeds to higher or T-1 speeds without the addition of hardware and with a slight increase in the monthly fee depending on the service you choose. The monthly fee also includes connection maintenance as well as various internet services such as email routing, and the use of our domain name servers. Additional network consulting for PC, Mac or UNIX systems is available if you want to fully integrate all of your company LAN into the Internet. State local loop prices vary across the US and may or may not be mileage sensitive depending on proximity to our Kingston Backbone, please contact for actual quotations.

    Registering your own Domain Name and Email:
    We can register your domain name for the one time fee of $200.00 (This includes the InternIc two year fee, so your URL will be Included with the the dedicated access is the ability to route email. If you want to have us host your email server (no charge), we include one email address and an email server with the name Additional user accounts are $5.00. We recommend that you create an internet/intranet email server on your site, and we will forward all inbound email for all of your users for your domain to your server and route outbound email to it's destination on the Internet.

    Dedicated Internet Access
    Please add the Internet Committment Term to the local loop price to get a total price.
    Internet Committment Term128Kb256Kb384KbT-1
    Monthly Charge for One Year Contract400.00600.00900.001200.00
    Monthly Charge for Three Year Contract390.00590.00890.001150.00
    Typical Local Loop Fees *
    Typical Monthly Charge for
    One Year Local Loop Contract
    Typical Monthly Charge for
    Three Year Local Loop Contract
    *State local loop prices vary across the US and may or may not be mileage sensitive depending on proximity to our National Backbone, please contact Imagine.Com for actual quotations.

    Initial one time setup fee: $1000
  • A Frame-Relay line into your business site and installation
  • Setup and connection into your network
    We recommend and sell CISCO routers and DSU/CSU network communication equipment. Our fee for this equipment is typically about $3000.00 for a high quality Cisco router. This fee includes all of your Internet Premise Networking Equipment.
  • A High Quality Reliable Cisco Systems 2620 Series Router
  • with Built in 10/100 BaseT Interface, and 10/100 BaseT cable
  • A Built in T-1 DSU/CSU, and T1 DSU/CSU Cable
  • Configured as a router, timeserver and with multicast routing enhancements enabled.

    We look forward to providing Internet access to you.

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